Date: 17th April 2013 at 7:21pm
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Richard Low has admitted that when he said the club were debt free it wasn’t entirely accurate, so to clear everything up he’s explained it properly.

The chief executive said to the Crawley News.

‘99% of the money they (the owners) give the club isn’t due to be repaid but there is still a part of that they can ask to be repaid, but without any repayment terms or interest. They still have the option to get that back whenever they want. The reason why I didn’t think of that before is that I know they aren’t going to ask for it back unless under a new owner the club had money in the bank.’

Explaining further he adds that what he meant by the statement was that the club have no debts owed to a bank, or on club equipment and the like – the traditional sense of business debt.

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